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      service support

      Juou office furniture is based on user value, meets the unmet needs of customers, pays attention to long-term development, and does not harm user value due to commercial interests.
      Meet user needs with high quality products and services.

      The company's products are all implemented with "three guarantees". Within one year, if the product is purely a quality problem, the company will be responsible for replacement; if not artificially damaged within five years, the company will provide free maintenance; Repair is free, but repair costs are charged as appropriate.


      For the purchase of ancillary products by group units, in addition to the "three guarantees" in accordance with the aforementioned "three guarantees" clause, the company will also provide long-term tracking services for these batches of products:

      • Specialized technical personnel will be sent to the site for installation and commissioning.Until the customer is satisfied.
      • After-sales service team is sent every three monthsUsage and handling of product quality issues raised by customers
      • Strictly fulfill the commitment of product after-sales service,Solve users' worries about our products                           
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