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      The color psychology of office furniture

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-27 9:12:58

      Color enriches our lives in subtle and powerful ways, and reasonable color decoration can make dull office space become active. At the same time, the color scheme of the working environment will have a profound impact on employees' emotions and work efficiency, as well as customer comfort. So how do office furniture colors match colors, and how do different colors affect people?

      1. Office furniture color selection-green
      Natural colors, fresh air and plant life, green is related to growth and regeneration, and is linked to broader thinking and creativity. For an office environment where inspiration is key, green can meet the impulse to innovate and the motivation to move forward. Soft green tones also have the same calming effect as blue, reducing anxiety and promoting balance. An additional benefit of green is to relieve eye fatigue.

      2. Office furniture color selection-blue
      Known so far as "the most popular", blue is one of the most efficient colors you can choose for your office furniture color scheme. Available in a variety of shades, it can be vibrant or soothing and can have a calming effect in a busy environment. However, some shades of blue can be considered sad or cold, so balance them with warm tones or compliment these blues with brown or green contrasting tones to keep them in a spectrum that appeals to everyone.

      3. Office furniture color selection-gray
      Usually associated with depression or blandness, gray is not a good color for the overall office plan. However, just like brown, it contrasts vividly with bright colors or can adjust a busy multi-tone scheme. Too much, it is oppressive, but at the right amount, it is a perfect anchor to an overly bright environment to help soothe tired eyes and worn nerves.

      4, color selection of office furniture-white
      Despite its clean, modern appeal, white has its obvious drawbacks. As a cool color, it is known for its cold and clinical. Too monochrome, people find that they reflect things that are not very productive at work, and white people can actually make employees more prone to errors. But don't discount it completely white. When used as an accent color, it diffuses brighter colors in the spectrum and increases softness that is not common when white is independent.

      5, color selection of office furniture-brown
      Brown is often associated with wanting to keep a low profile without being noticed, and is actually a wonderful color for firm strength and professionalism. Warm brown tones are a fantastic background that can present more vivid colors, such as red or cyan green, that can adjust the brightness of many colors that may be submerged at high concentrations. Brown doesn't need to be clumsy or darken the room. After all, this is the background that nature chose for her green and blue.

      6, color selection of office furniture-yellow
      Sunlight and fun colors, yellow promotes cheers. Another creative good color, yellow can bring optimism and innovation. Yellow is a good choice for those who need a good place to work.

      7. Office furniture color selection-red
      Vibrant color, red has significant vitality characteristics. It has the added benefit of warm colors, it enriches the environment and makes blood flow, literally. Studies have shown that increased blood flow, increased heart rate, and increased brainwave activity. However, strike a balance. Red is also a hostile color. Too much red, your smart and dynamic team can influence competition rather than cooperation.

      8. Office furniture color selection-pink
      Pink has been calming enough for some people. Because it is a bright possibility and a relationship with red, pink is also the color of energy and happiness. Whether used on a wall or as a focal point, pink can bring focused energy, but no other color can be enhanced.

      The above is about the color psychology of office furniture, so when considering the color of office furniture, first ask yourself the type of feeling you want to call, choose a color palette that matches it, and integrate office furniture into more structures , Artistic or subtle way.

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