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      Brief introduction of national standard office furniture size

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-27 9:09:48

      If the desk is not matched with the corresponding office chair, it will make people feel uncomfortable; if the desk is too high and the chair is too low, it will make people lie down, shorten the line of sight, and easily cause spinal bending and deformation over time. And myopia. To this end, the daily use of office furniture must meet standards.

      For the height of desks and chairs, the country has established standards. Among them, the standard height dimensions of desk furniture can be four specifications of 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, 760mm; the seat height of chair and stool furniture can be three specifications of 400mm, 420mm, 440mm. In addition, the standard size of tables and chairs is required. The height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled within the range of 280 to 320mm.

      The correct desk and chair height should enable people to maintain two basic verticals when sitting. One is that when the two feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and the lower legs can be substantially vertical. At this time, the front edge of the seat cannot press the lower thigh plane. The second is that when the two arms hang down naturally, the upper arm is basically perpendicular to the forearm. At this time, the height of the desktop should just touch the lower plane of the forearm. In this way, you can maintain the correct sitting and writing posture.

      If the desk and chair heights are not matched properly, it will directly affect the sitting posture of the person, which is not good for the user's health. For this reason, the national standard also stipulates that the height of the space under the desk surface is not less than 580mm, and the width of the space is not less than 520mm. This is to ensure that people have enough space for movement of their legs when using it.

      As for the size of sofas, the national standard stipulates that the front width of a single sofa seat should not be less than 480mm. If it is smaller than this size, people will feel narrow even if they can barely sit in. The depth of the seat surface should be in the range of 480 to 600mm. If it is too deep, the calf will not sag naturally, and the belly will be oppressed; if it is too shallow, it will feel impossible to sit.

      The height of the seat surface should be in the range of 360mm to 420mm. Too high is like sitting on a chair and feels uncomfortable; too low to sit up and feel difficult.

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