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      Modern office furniture design trends

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-27 9:00:03

      In the design of office furniture, it is necessary to focus on the characteristics of their crowds, their expectations of the office environment, and how office furniture can be realized to meet their needs. Highlighting the appearance and quality of identity, various humanized scientific and technological functions, and convenient and fast office equipment play a vital role in improving office efficiency. Senior executives have independent office space. As the office environment becomes more modern, it not only requires efficient and inspiring office furniture. It also has ambitious goals and constantly challenges the spirit of self. They also need an office environment with an international perspective. I hope that the office environment will present a unique and individual fashion design sense.

          The trend of office furniture design in the market is biased towards the three major trends of "simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective". In the design method of modern Chinese furniture, first of all, according to the consumer's needs in terms of psycho-emotional, economic, and use functions. Such as emotional solid wood furniture design, local or overall product design that shows the use context and semantics of the product, and loses its own creative thinking, it should rationally analyze the shortcomings of existing products in the market today, explore future product design trends, and build taste and culture Connotative brand of office furniture products.

          Office furniture that improves office efficiency and satisfaction must be based on the user's inner needs and expectations. Therefore, the first point of humanized design of office furniture is pleasant, meeting the health needs of office staff, and improving work efficiency; secondly, system planning, limited office space, how to use the limited space to guide the situation, and clever use is very important; finally, Timeliness and ecological concepts. The office space is a reflection of the spirit and taste of a team and a unit. After meeting the needs of the work, we must pay attention to fashion and nature. With the development of society and the advancement of ecological civilization, people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing day by day. . In terms of material product demand, people no longer blindly pursue the quantity of products, pay more attention to the quality of their lives and the living environment in which they live, and pay more and more attention to environmental protection undertakings and products. In terms of respect for green consumption, green products that are good for health and non-polluting to the environment have become sought after by the market.

          In the selection of office furniture production materials, materials that are reusable or easily recyclable are preferred. Avoid resource consumption. The following materials can be selected: bamboo, paper, waste materials.

      In short, the design of office furniture must be sophisticated in materials and shapes, and then pay attention to details, level functionality and "people-oriented" in space response and overall coordination.

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