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      How can office furniture be placed to have better results?

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-27 8:56:53

      As soon as a properly furnished office comes in, it feels comfortable and concise. The main thing in the office layout is the placement of office furniture. Office furniture needs to follow certain rules. How can we achieve better results when placing office furniture?

      First, the size of the desk
      Choosing the right desk size is mainly based on the entire office space and office staff. If the size of the desk is too small or too large, the entire room will be very uncoordinated; if the desk is too small, it will not be convenient to use and give a stingy feeling; if it is too large, the entire office will look very crowded.

      Placement of desks
      The office desk should be placed in a way to ensure that the user has a good perspective. It is best to allow people sitting at the desk to see the outside situation through the door, especially the leader to ensure that they can easily see the staff Working status. The side of the desk is best near the window, so the lighting is better, and it is convenient for users to stand up and relax when they are tired.

      Third, the screen desk
      Do not face the screen desk directly (back-to-front) to the door. The main purpose is to make users less susceptible to noise interference and peeping from others when working, and to leak business secrets. Avoid extra space behind the screen desk. In order to reduce the emptiness and instability behind the screen desk workers.

      Fourth, the placement of office sofas
      The placement of the office sofa should be determined according to the placement of the desk, and it is best to place it inside when the principle of leaning against or parallel to the wall is met. If it is a rest room, it can be enclosed in a fan shape with a coffee table in the middle to facilitate business negotiations.

      Office planning is an indispensable planning method in office life. When customizing office furniture, the function of its office space should have a good plan.

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