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      Office furniture selection criteria

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-26 18:02:57

      Practical principle
        Many office furniture factories and office furniture companies want to buy beautiful office furniture to cater to beautiful customers. Some of them are more aesthetically pleasing than practical, making the office furniture less practical. As a buyer, you must grasp Good practicality by this standard.

        Economy principle
        The office furniture factory constantly introduces a variety of new products, especially the modernized office furniture, which is loved by customers, so the favorite is the favorite. As office furniture, such as large tables, conference tables, etc. are required Shopping products and office sofas are all necessary products for office furniture, so it is necessary to grasp the economy and not buy extra office furniture.

        Clever combination
        Combined office furniture is the popular office furniture today. This easy-to-disassemble product is very convenient to use and can be combined at will, especially for large companies, it is more convenient.

        Overall match
        a. Style: When selecting office furniture, the overall style of the original office furniture should be considered. For example, the modern style matches the modern style, and the neo-classical style matches the neo-classical style. In addition, there is a way to freely match office furniture. Office furniture can be combined in multiple styles and used with each other. It is not limited by space and time. It exerts the highest performance of the combination. Users can add combination functions according to their preferences. The desired free style.
        b. Size: When selecting office furniture, basic requirements such as quality, safety, and durability must be considered. In addition to conventional product sizes, office furniture can be customized according to site size requirements. Not only can it make full use of space, it can also The selection of specific specifications based on the nature of use makes the office furniture flexible and more versatile.
        c. Color coordination: When choosing office furniture, you should consider the matching with the original office furniture and the overall interior decoration color. You can do the overall color matching according to the site environment feeling, personal preferences, etc. to make the office environment more overall and complete. .
        d. Integrity: When selecting office furniture, consider that office furniture can be unified due to specifications, styles, colors, and so on. It will not produce different products every time you order, making office matching impossible. Diverse combinations, full-featured collocations, and perfect appearance design make for a clean and beautiful office environment.
        e. Expansibility: When choosing office furniture, you should consider adding or relocating it in the future, resulting in shortage of parts, or troubles in combination, etc ... Office furniture can solve these shortcomings and can be arbitrarily matched to meet the needs of the company's office.

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