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      Maintain an office environment for employees to have a healthy working environment

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-26 18:00:02

      The office is our daily work place, so keeping the working environment tidy is a very important thing. How to make the office environment hygienic? Keli Furniture brings you some cleaning methods that can make the office environment more tidy and better, and make you very comfortable.
      First, often clean and organize the responsibility area
      (1) Always clean and organize the office area.
      Clean countertops, floors, computers, responsible equipment, furniture, walls of doors and windows, etc .; keep desks clean, tidy, and beautiful, not scattered and useless, and do not place personal belongings; telephone keys and handsets It should be cleaned and disinfected frequently; the tea set used by visitors should be cleaned and repositioned immediately; the waste paper tube should be placed in a secret place and cleaned before work every day.
      (2) Consciously clean and organize the public areas in which I participate.
      Regularly clean and organize the surroundings of copiers, printers and other equipment. When you find that the copy paper is messy and waste paper is thrown on the ground, etc., you must always participate in and maintain it together. Frequently clean the participating tea tables, and keep the desktop and floor free of waste and water The tea and tea sets are clean and tidy; often clean the file cabinets, bookshelves, and cabinets used in the participation; pay attention to cleaning the reception area or conference room that is responsible for yourself, and immediately after the visitor leaves or the meeting, to ensure that before the next visitor or meeting Present a clean and tidy environment.
      2. The equipment and articles are properly placed and used in an orderly manner
      (1) The office supplies and equipment I often use are arranged in an orderly and easy to operate.
      Office stationery, supplies, and scattered items for personal use should be placed in a drawer in an orderly manner and arranged according to the frequency of use and usage habits; commonly used folders should be neatly stacked on the table or stand upright on the folder and marked with a logo to distinguish them Orderly and confidential documents and unused folders should be stored in file cabinets; dedicated telephones should be placed in a convenient place on the left hand side to record messages with the right hand; computers, printers and other electrical equipment should be placed Together to facilitate power wiring and management.
      (2) Public resources are placed in an orderly manner, and they must be returned to their places after use.
      The public folders in the file cabinet should be placed neatly and orderly, and they should be put back to the original place after being used, so that others can reuse them. The items in the public office supplies cabinet should also be placed in a standard, usually heavy and large. Light and small on top, and placed in an orderly, easy to access, and after return to use; some commonly used public items, such as telephone directory, flight schedules, train schedules, dictionaries, etc. are placed according to office requirements In the cabinet or on the bookshelf, pay attention to putting it back in place after use, so as not to cause inconvenience to others; the promotional materials, materials, newspapers and magazines read by the reception area should be neatly arranged or stacked, and often organized to provide good reception External image of the window.
      These small methods can make the office environment very neat. Working in such an office environment not only greatly helps your health, but also makes people at work happy and better complete their daily work.

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