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      How important is the comfort of office furniture

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-26 17:56:45

      1. Reasonableness of the static dimensions of furniture. The size of furniture is the first thing we need to think about when designing furniture. The country has also formulated relevant standards. In fact, all these data come from our physical scale. For example, the seat width is obtained from data of 95% of the hip width in a normal sitting position, which meets the needs of most people. From this perspective, the dimensions of furniture are all closely related to ourselves. If the seat width is extremely narrow and cannot meet people's normal sitting requirements, no matter how beautiful the chair is, it also loses its due value.

      2. The rationality of the dynamic scale of furniture. The dynamic scale here refers to whether the furniture scale can satisfy the human action when a certain behavior is caused by the furniture. For example, in the design of the cabinet, the height of the high cabinet should be convenient for women to open, and it should not block women's view of the internal storage (women are generally shorter than men). The design of the height of the low cabinet is based on the elbow height of the user when operating, and there is a certain margin to fully consider the user's preparation of meals.

      3. Comfort of furniture. The comfort mentioned here does not completely depend on people's feelings, and sometimes people feel comfortable and actually bring some health risks. For example, when people maintain a sitting position for a long time, they will naturally change various sitting positions that they feel comfortable with. Over time, they will have an adverse effect on the human spine. Such effects are subtle and imperceptible. May develop into diseases such as periarthritis. Now the office chair design takes this into consideration, such as the design of the backrest to conform to the curve of the human spine, etc., to help people maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting position. For another example, the design of human-machine mattresses will take into account the ease of human turnover, reasonable distribution of body pressure, and control of the amount of body depression, which is neither too soft nor too hard, so as to improve the quality of sleep and get real meaning Comfortable and healthy sleep.

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