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      How to choose stylish office furniture

      Announcer:Juou    Time:2020-3-26 17:27:59

      The selection of office furniture in public spaces is different from that of ordinary home decoration. It has its own individual characteristics in the choice of functions, materials, shapes, and colors.
      The office decoration space furniture is generally used by many people, and it has special functionality and characteristics. The methods and characteristics of matching office furniture allow everyone to better understand the relationship between office furniture and space.

      1. Consistent style:
      The various types of furniture used in the same place in the shape are generally consistent in style, reflecting a certain corporate culture. For example, historic hotels have their own decoration style and furniture matching features.

      2. Strong and durable:
      Because the furniture in public spaces is served by many people, this special function requires that the furniture be durable and durable in both design and selection, especially the quality of furniture that people often come in contact with, such as hotel chairs. The cash register used, etc., these furniture are often selected in the material quality of the furniture, even if some very small accessories have high requirements, the life of the furniture is generally longer than the ordinary home improvement furniture requires the use of time Longer.

      3. Soft colors:
      The color of public space furniture is mostly soft and does not promote strong contrast between colors. Since the furniture of public space must meet the aesthetic requirements of most people, the color choice of public space furniture must consider the aesthetic requirements of most people. If you need a higher level of aesthetics, you can choose special furniture or work on the accessories of the furniture.

      4. Reliable:
      Office furniture in public spaces often does not require more personality. In particular, the choice of shape and material should make people feel better. Try to avoid sharp shapes, unstable structures, fragile, moldy, polluting and toxic materials to avoid causing worry.

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